Our Vision

To see our region transformed by the power and love of Jesus Christ.


ROLWC is committed to fulfilling the “Great Commission” mandated by Jesus Christ.  Currently, this ministry prayerfully and financially supports ministries in Australia, India, the Philippine Islands, Central America, South America, Belize, the South Pacific, Africa, Albania, the Fiji Islands, India and other national and local ministries. 


Financial Integrity:  ROLWC’s financial/accounting transactions are reconciled monthly by the professional accounting and consultant corporation of Chitwood & Chitwood, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Chitwood & Chitwood operates with “a heart for the ministry and a mind for the Lord’s business.”

ROLWC records, business documents and financial transactions and activities have been examined and tested by Chitwood & Chitwood under strict compliance audit standards.  The corporation has certified that ROWLC is operating in compliance with legal accounting practices and the Internal Revenue Service requirements.  It has also declared ROLWC to have the highest standards of credibility, integrity and financial accountability.

Business Integrity:  ROLWC is a charter member of the International Congress of Churches and Ministries (ICCM), which provides 501 (C)(3) exemptions charters to ministries with the highest standards of accountability and responsibility.